[Music: Rogers, Beasley/Lyrics: Pitts]
The consciousness of the collective being merges
The larger whole acting as one
Feeding information between the swarm
The Hivemind is growing
Streams of thought flow through an ethereal nether
Unknown to each they’re feeding the larger
As the swarm continues to breed and fixate without the worry that it may degenerate
Decipher the path of least resistance and automatically move
We’re all pieces
Unintelligent global actions, linked and unlinked at the same
We’re all pieces
Unintelligent design, formed without regard for function
The swarm is manipulating us all and it is taking control
It will be its fall
Unable to evolve the Hivemind is obsolete
Withering, decaying left in the past
The beasts of the thousands has fallen, and now lays slain
Dissolution of the larger and the death of the finite


from The Quantum Transcendence of Death, released January 8, 2013



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Nebulous Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, AL (USA) - Technical Death Metal

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