The Quantum Transcendence of Death

by Nebulous

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King Jonas the Humble
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King Jonas the Humble If you are as annoyed as I am by Bloodbath's irregular and slow release schedule, Nebulous is a more than adequate substitute. Proggy and heavy as all buggery, The Quantum Transcendence Of Death stand proud in my collection.
Four out of five shades of Azathoth.
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Mendes This band and this album are both gems. Thick, dense, cosmic soul gems designed to fuel you in your campaigns against extradimensional titans. I haven't physically recoiled from anything in the metal community in a long time until my ears were graced by SN 5270. The rest of the album soon followed and I haven't been this happy with a purchase in the metal genre since I bought Obzen.

Fuck yeah, guys. Fuck yeah. Favorite track: II. Catalyze.
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Available digitally from the band on Bandcamp and also available on Blast Head Records.


released January 8, 2013



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Nebulous Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, AL (USA) - Technical Death Metal

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Track Name: I. Of Means and Ends
The Machination I: Of Means and Ends
Track Name: II. Catalyze
The Machination II: Catalyze
[Music: Rogers/Lyrics: Pitts]
I, father of uncreation
I, Master of things unseen
Years spent locked away in laboratories
What must be done
Begin this machination - Catalyze my sinister plan
Destroy then conquer- Enslave then control
Harnessing matter on the quantum level
Bending light and time at will
Ridiculed by my peers - what they said was impossible
Only when I have transcended death will they believe
Mankind’s greatest minds have struggled where I will succeed
The ruin is coming - none are prepared
The universe trembles at my fingertips
Dark matter and other-worldly geodesics
Membranes of the eleventh dimension strings
Dualities and polarities unified
Singularity defined as this weapon
The coming end of the world
A pulse of light as the fury of the universe consumes Earth
None are prepared - soon to be my slaves
They cannot fathom what is next
Track Name: III. SN 5270
The Machination III: SN 5270
[Music: Rogers/Lyrics: Pitts]
A danger looms in the sky
Earth’s fate is sealed - Stars decimate
Cosmic events playing out – put into motion centuries ago
As a star on the edge of the solar system reaches its end – so will human existence
The explosion travels light years to Earth - its final destination
The sky turns red – sulfur rains from the sky
Burning ozone suffocates and poisons
Shockwaves quake the foundations as all of earth’s monuments collapse
Radiation mutates DNA – ultraviolet waves boil the flesh
All organic life shall cease
Ruins cover Earth - immolated landscapes
Some dwell in caves and shelters only delaying the fury of the stars
Cosmic wrath unleashed upon mankind
Track Name: IV. Aggregating Powers
The Machination IV: Aggregating Powers
[Music: Rogers/Lyrics: Pitts]
Their world lies in ruins - a shell of its past
This used to be my world as well, but no longer
The entire planet under my dominion
All civilization reduced to filth and obscurity
I survey this desolated land which will witness my rebirth
Spectral beings enforce my will
Crossing dimensions to prevent insurrection
No more barriers preventing my rise
With these slaves under foot - I begin to aggregate my powers
Beams of light consume my being
Vectors overflow the known realities
A spectral dimension of quasiparticles surround me
Choirs of subatomic beings sing hymns to my glory
I have given birth to this uncreation
I am now the end and the beginning
The fundamental laws of physics altered forever
Embodying the now unified theory
Even on the quantum level - death is uncertain
A Cyclical Infinity of erosion
Parallel and multiple existences intertwined
Ascending to my throne
I judge them from above
Mind expanded beyond comprehension
Warping existences beneath me
Physical and spiritual dominance
I have transcended mortality
I have made myself a god
Track Name: V. The Quantum Transcendence of Death
The Machination V: The Quantum Transcendence of Death
[Music: Rogers]
Track Name: VI. Devourer of the Cosmos
Devourer of the Cosmos
[Music: Rogers, Beasley/Lyrics: Pitts]
Fueled by materials that have existed since the great formation
Burning white hot plasma
This star will end it all
Floating statuesque in the night sky eternally
Its superheated core burns endlessly
As its core depletes, it expands in a lust for primal energy
Consuming all possible matter, it continues to expand
Collapsing into itself, a dense void
The devourer of the cosmos
The new devourer of the cosmos lays dormant now
A dimensionless plane now exists – space-time ceases
All light is consumed by the great abyss
The devourer lays dormant now, Still feeding its hunger
Whole stars and planets reduced to nothing
A dimensionless plane now exists – space-time ceases
As its core depletes, it expands in a lust for primal energy
Consuming all possible matter
Collapsing into itself, a dense void
The devourer of the cosmos
Still feeding its hunger for the base molecules of life
The devourer of the cosmos
Track Name: VII. Forever Impaled
Forever Impaled
[Music: Rogers, Beasley/Lyrics: Pitts]
As a testament to my insidious reign
You shall be disfigured and put on display
Outside these fortress walls shall be your resting place
Drug through the streets at night, taken from your home
For the world to see, no insolence goes unpunished
You will all die
The mother of your children weeps as you lay gutted and maimed
You will all die
Burn long the pyre Raise high the stake Die by the flames
In a gruesome display of my power
You shall be forever impaled
No one smiles - no one stares - no one dares speak my name
Eyes are averted in my presence if I haven’t cut them out
An ominous aura of sin surrounds me - Killing because I can
In a gruesome display of my power
You shall be forever impaled
Track Name: VIII. Hivemind
[Music: Rogers, Beasley/Lyrics: Pitts]
The consciousness of the collective being merges
The larger whole acting as one
Feeding information between the swarm
The Hivemind is growing
Streams of thought flow through an ethereal nether
Unknown to each they’re feeding the larger
As the swarm continues to breed and fixate without the worry that it may degenerate
Decipher the path of least resistance and automatically move
We’re all pieces
Unintelligent global actions, linked and unlinked at the same
We’re all pieces
Unintelligent design, formed without regard for function
The swarm is manipulating us all and it is taking control
It will be its fall
Unable to evolve the Hivemind is obsolete
Withering, decaying left in the past
The beasts of the thousands has fallen, and now lays slain
Dissolution of the larger and the death of the finite
Track Name: IX. Spectrums
[Music: Rogers, Beasley/Lyrics: Pitts, Rogers]
Become your ways. See as I see for now it's too late for all of you.
The self-thriving human of Earth, he will always take – no matter what’s at the end.
To see the first cell before ruin
What a tragic moment that would surely be - to witness the end of pure beauty
A ruination of harmony
Into infinite spectrums we are flowing
No need for time - we flow as space
Just the end of another poor existence that thought it could learn the ways.
Mankind was doomed from the start - we’ll never see the day
It shall never be
Our corpses charred - afloat in a dead sea
Waves of failure rising and churning
A vast skyline of history to be repeated (again and again)
Truths made by the blind hide your own perspective
Only now, these things don’t exist
A ruination of harmony