IV. Aggregating Powers

from by Nebulous



The Machination IV: Aggregating Powers
[Music: Rogers/Lyrics: Pitts]
Their world lies in ruins - a shell of its past
This used to be my world as well, but no longer
The entire planet under my dominion
All civilization reduced to filth and obscurity
I survey this desolated land which will witness my rebirth
Spectral beings enforce my will
Crossing dimensions to prevent insurrection
No more barriers preventing my rise
With these slaves under foot - I begin to aggregate my powers
Beams of light consume my being
Vectors overflow the known realities
A spectral dimension of quasiparticles surround me
Choirs of subatomic beings sing hymns to my glory
I have given birth to this uncreation
I am now the end and the beginning
The fundamental laws of physics altered forever
Embodying the now unified theory
Even on the quantum level - death is uncertain
A Cyclical Infinity of erosion
Parallel and multiple existences intertwined
Ascending to my throne
I judge them from above
Mind expanded beyond comprehension
Warping existences beneath me
Physical and spiritual dominance
I have transcended mortality
I have made myself a god


from The Quantum Transcendence of Death, released January 8, 2013



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