The Machination III: SN 5270
[Music: Rogers/Lyrics: Pitts]
A danger looms in the sky
Earth’s fate is sealed - Stars decimate
Cosmic events playing out – put into motion centuries ago
As a star on the edge of the solar system reaches its end – so will human existence
The explosion travels light years to Earth - its final destination
The sky turns red – sulfur rains from the sky
Burning ozone suffocates and poisons
Shockwaves quake the foundations as all of earth’s monuments collapse
Radiation mutates DNA – ultraviolet waves boil the flesh
All organic life shall cease
Ruins cover Earth - immolated landscapes
Some dwell in caves and shelters only delaying the fury of the stars
Cosmic wrath unleashed upon mankind


from The Quantum Transcendence of Death, released January 8, 2013



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Nebulous Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, AL (USA) - Technical Death Metal

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