The Machination II: Catalyze
[Music: Rogers/Lyrics: Pitts]
I, father of uncreation
I, Master of things unseen
Years spent locked away in laboratories
What must be done
Begin this machination - Catalyze my sinister plan
Destroy then conquer- Enslave then control
Harnessing matter on the quantum level
Bending light and time at will
Ridiculed by my peers - what they said was impossible
Only when I have transcended death will they believe
Mankind’s greatest minds have struggled where I will succeed
The ruin is coming - none are prepared
The universe trembles at my fingertips
Dark matter and other-worldly geodesics
Membranes of the eleventh dimension strings
Dualities and polarities unified
Singularity defined as this weapon
The coming end of the world
A pulse of light as the fury of the universe consumes Earth
None are prepared - soon to be my slaves
They cannot fathom what is next


from The Quantum Transcendence of Death, released January 8, 2013



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Nebulous Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, AL (USA) - Technical Death Metal

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